Saturday, April 6, 2013

Carlo's Bake Shop

We took a little side trip to Hoboken on Wednesday morning.  Allie and Molly love to watch Cake Boss so we went to Carlo's Bake Shop to see if the stuff was as good as everybody says.  We had to wait outside in the cold to get a ticket, then we had to wait some more after we got the ticket.  The bakery is really small and it was packed.  You could barely move around and see what you wanted because of the crowd.  We decided what we wanted and waited for them to call our number.  While we were waiting I found myself a little corner out of the way and was just waiting, when one of the workers came out with two trays of fresh cup cakes.  He must have hit one of them on the showcase or something, because he asked me if i wanted a free cup cake because the "top" of it was broken loose from the "stump".  I said, "heck yeah".  We got our stuff and snacked on it during the rest of the day and finished it off for dessert at a pizza shop on the corner of 50th St. and Broadway.  I'd say it was worth the wait because the stuff was really good!

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