Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Birthday West Virginia!!!

150 years old yesterday.  The only state born from the civil war.


Joel Raskin said...

I love composition of the 1st one especially - the domed building framed by the bursts on either side! Do you use a tripod when shooting fireworks (I'm guessing you would need to).

Eric said...

Thanks Joel. Yeah, a tripod is a necessity. I also use a remote release. I set my iso to 160, aperture usually at f/8 to f/11. The exposure times are just kind of a guess. They're usually around 8 to 15 seconds. I just keep the shutter open for a few bursts, then click it again.

We love to watch fireworks. One of our favorite fireworks show, at Parris Island USMC Recruit Depot, was cancelled this year due to federal budget cuts. Boooo!