Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A View We've Never Seen

We've lived here since 1989 and there's always been a huge hedge on our property line.  It's always been a pain in the butt to trim, but we liked it for the privacy it gave.  Now it's gone.  No fence, no hedge, no nothin'.  My friend Mike helped me take it all out today to make room for Kim a sewing studio (that's what they call them in sewing magazines).  I told Kim that the way Mike is gonna build it, if there's a bad storm coming we'll go get in it instead of the house.  ;-)

Kim and I were standing in our neighbors backyard talking to them and I said this is a view we've never, ever seen before.  Like I said, there's always been the hedge and there was also a 27 foot tall blue spruce there until this winter, when Mike and I cut it down.  We had bought a live tree for Christmas in 1989 and it got huge over the years.  I told Kim it was going to be harder mentally to cut the tree down than it would be physically.  I miss the tree but I won't miss trimming that hedge, since it was almost as tall as the house and about 8 feet wide at the top.


Lance said...

Man, that looks different.

Eric said...

It does. Especially when you come out the back door and can see way down the neighborhood.