Thursday, November 1, 2012

Saint Albans / Nitro Bridge

In 67 days I'll have to become an actual commuter because the bridge is gonna close on January 7th.  Right now I'm 1.2 miles from work.  When the bridge closes it'll be around 10 miles.  Booooo!  Not only is Saint Albans where I work, it's where we go to the store, church, vet, auto parts, hardware, prescriptions and lots of other stuff.

Oh well, it'll only be closed for 10 months and we'll have a nice, new, three lane wide bridge.  I think we'll survive.  Click here for an artists rendering of what the new one will look like.


Lance said...

That's a nice shot.

Sweet Run Farm said...

Been there, done that! A new bridge near our house was just completed after almost 18 months!

Eric said...

Thanks Lance. Yeah sweet run, we're not looking forward to it, but if its like everything else, the time will just fly by.