Thursday, September 13, 2012

Saint Albans / Nitro Bridge

We met with the Safety Supervisor at the Saint Albans / Nitro bridge construction (or should I say reconstruction) site yesterday for a tour and pre-planning session so we could work out what we may need to do if an emergency occurs while they're rebuilding the bridge.

This bridge is also called the Richard J. "Dick" Henderson Bridge.  It crosses the Kanawha river between Saint Albans and Nitro, WV.  The bridge is scheduled to be shut down in the first week of January 2013 and be replaced by a new bridge by the first part of November 2013, hopefully.  The reason I say "hopefully" is because right now my commute to work is about 1.2 miles.  When the bridge closes it's gonna be about 10 to 12 miles, depending on which way I go.  Boooooo!!!!!

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