Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gauley River, Saturday Afternoon

Kim had a big sewing project going today, so Molly and I took off and went up to the Gauley to watch some rafters and kayakers playin' on the river.  It's Gauley season, so the river is running high because of the releases from Summersville Dam.  We had a nice afternoon just hiking and messin' around, and on the way home we stopped at Frank's Pizza in Montgomery for some calzones.


Sweet Run Farm said...

Love that first photo! Sounds like a great outing.

Eric said...

Thanks Sweet Run. The first photo is a 2 shot panorama. It was a nice day. I grew up on the Gauley river and we only live about an hour away now and we've got a bunch of family in the area, so we do a lot of day trips there. It's a pretty place to go play.