Sunday, June 26, 2011

New River

Today was the last day of my first vacation of the summer.  Now remember, I said first vacation of the summer, so you don't have to feel too sorry for me.

We took a day trip to one of our favorite places.  The New River.  Kim wanted to go swimming, but as you can see by her sweatshirt, she thought it was a little too cool.  We hiked around, played on the rocks, watched some whitewater rafters, had a picnic and Kim and Molly picked a bunch of red raspberries.

As soon as we got to the edge of the gorge a couple of dogs found us and wanted to share our lunch, so we gave them some of our stuff and they made their selves right at home.


Joel Raskin said...

Looks like a fun place, nicely captured, as always!

Eric said...

Thanks Joel. It's a great place. I grew up just minutes from there, and we still only live about an hour away. Makes for some fun days.