Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

First off, I didn't take these photos.  My daughter did and she was kind enough to let me post them here.

Sunday after church we went to Kim's aunt's for a graduation party.  Kim's cousin Bethany (That's her in the top pic) graduated Saturday from West Virginia University Law School.  When she was a little girl she used to hang on me like a monkey.  Now she's about 6'2' and is a great young woman.  My wife has a picture of us together when she was about 4.  I couldn't find it or I would've posted it too.

The bottom picture is of  Kim's other cousin and her daughter (the one with her hands on her hips).  I was loungin' on the couch when a bunch of people came in and were looking out the window and talking about Kristin's truck being stuck up.  It was really stuck too, the rear axle was on the ground and you can see how deep the passenger tires were in the mud.  I got up and looked out and then went to see if I could help.  When I got down there Kristin and her mom were both upset and Kristin had a bunch of mud on her from trying to get unstuck.

While Kim tried to get everybody calmed down and I tried to not laugh too hard I asked if anybody had locked the front hubs.  Hmm, nobody had thought of that, so I locked 'em in, got the key from Mom and backed the truck out.  I'm a genius.

We had a great Sunday.


Kenny "slug" said...

I always thought you were kinda smart, but I had no idea you were a genius. WOW!

Eric said...

Oh, I am, I am. :+]

kristin said...

eric, this is not even true. i was just angry.. that's all. & this is all my dad's fault for makin' me part there. knowin' i wasn't gunna get out. ah, men!