Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New River Gorge Bridge

I posted the color version of this photo on my Instagram account but I think I like this one better.  This is one 30 minute exposure at ISO 160 on a Canon 6D with the long exposure noise reduction switched on.  The lens was a Canon 17-40 zoom @ f/4.  I've tried stacking 30 second exposures to make star trails before (the most I've done is 180) but really wasn't crazy about how they tuned out.  I like this technique better.


Nancy Vance said...

Nice one! I've tried a few night shots, and I'm learning, but I'm not this good yet.

Eric said...

Thanks Nancy. The key for an exposure of this length is to make sure you have the long exposure noise reduction turned on. After the shutter closes don't turn your camera off because it has to work for the same amount of time that it took to make the photo. In this case 30 minutes. The camera is making a dark frame and is looking for noise and hot pixels that were generated by the long exposure.

E Fisher said...

Do you sell any of your prints? I would like to purchase a copy for my wife for her birthday?