Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winter Star Trails

My first attempt at photographing star trails.  This photo is made from 118, 30 second exposures at f/4 and ISO 1600.  The straight lines are from planes passing by during the exposures.


Nancy Vance said...

WOW! How did you do that?? It's just gorgeous. Did you have to stay up all night? Great!

Eric said...

Thanks Nancy. No, it only took an hour. I set my camera to continuous shooting. Manual exposure. Shutter speed set to 30 seconds. Aperture at f/4 and ISO 1600. I then manually focused, put the camera on a tripod, plugged in my remote release, hit the shutter button and locked it down and let it take pictures for an hour. Once the images were on my computer I did a little adjustment to them in Lightroom then I put them all (118) into a program called StarStaX (it's free!) and it assembled them into one photo.

Nancy Vance said...

How fascinating! Your result is well-worth all the effort.