Saturday, December 28, 2013

Spinning Steel Wool

Cheap fun with 00 steel wool, some string and a kitchen whisk.  We're out at the Sands in Port Royal. 


Nancy Vance said...

My goodness! What in the world are you doing?? I never heard of such a thing! Whatever it is, it sure makes for spectacular photos!

Eric said...

Thanks Nancy. You put a pad of 00 steel wool inside a wire whisk. Tie the whisk to a cord or small cable. Light the steel wool and spin it around. The wool only burns for about 10 seconds so you leave the shutter open until it goes out. Sometimes you can get 2 photos out of one spin. My camera settings were ISO 200, f/8 and shutter speed of around 10 seconds. The spinners were my daughter and her cousin. They had on an old fire coat of mine, a nomex hood, goggles and gloves.