Thursday, December 13, 2012

23 More Days

A frosty fog shrouds the soon-to-be-closed Saint Albans / Nitro bridge.  More fancy talk!  ;-)  I  went over this morning to get a couple pictures of the bridge before it' gone.  While I was there, Bayer Crop Science came to the ramp and put their boat in.  I helped the operator tie up the boat and I stood around and talked to him while he waited for his passengers.  After a while, most of the fog burned away.  That's when the Drema G. Woods cut through the icy waters of the mighty Kanawha River beneath the worn and tired bridge.  Double fancy!

The top picture is a five shot panorama.  Click on it to get a better view.


Radio Yesterdays said...

I like the way you talk!

Lance said...

Man. What ever shall we do without that ole piece o' crap????

Eric said...

Thanks Radio. I like the way you talk.

I'm gonna miss it while its gone. :-(