Friday, October 19, 2012

New River Gorge

Yesterday we went to the New River Gorge to do some rock climbing.  I had learned how to rappel there when I was a teenager and Kim and I rappelled there a lot after we got married.  I also did some rock climbing there with my friends Alan Taylor and Steve Erskine.  Molly has done a bunch of climbing on artificial walls and has been wanting to go to the gorge and climb.  I got in touch with New River Mountain Guides because I wanted a refresher on my climbing "skills" so we could be as safe as possible when we go out by ourselves.  They were awesome!  Two of the nicest people you'd wanna meet and super knowledgeable about climbing.  Jeff Hearn was our lead guide/instructor and he taught me a lot.  The young lady that helped Jeff (her name was Spencer) had just moved here from Hilton Head, SC and she's in love with WV and our mountains.  We had a great day, even in the downpour and thunder and lightning.  I didn't get a whole bunch of pictures because were too busy climbing and learning.

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