Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Gals

A couple of shots of my gals from this weekend.

Probably nobody cares or notices, but my new camera nails the focus.  Whatever you put the chosen focus point over, it's in focus.  It's probably hard to see with these smaller pictures, but when you view the originals at 100% it's awesome.  My previous camera couldn't achieve this critical of focus with such ease, if at all.

In the top photo I put the focus point over my daughters left eye.  It's amazingly sharp.  In the bottom photo the focus point was over Kim's right eye.  It's also extra sharp.  These were taken hand held with the Canon 15-85 mm image stabilized lens.  I've used that lens on my 30D without nearly the same results.  The combo of the Canon 60D and that lens is super.

Don't get me wrong, I've taken a bunch of good photos with my 30D, it just seemed that I had to work hard to get it to perform.  Oh well, blah blah blah, double blah.  I like my new camera.

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