Monday, August 2, 2010

A.W. Cox and Masonic Temple

A.W. Cox was on Capitol St. and the Masonic Temple is on the corner of Virginia St. and Hale St.


drpankajshukla said...

Hi !
I am not from the Panny forum however I have been prowling there trying to see images from the LX3 users !
I happenned to see your images as a matter of chance ! I did see your photoblog [-of stunning images actually] too !
I cant believe that u did all this with a LX3 ?
U must be highly talented to be generating such images despite it not being your mainstream activity !

Eric said...

Thanks for looking. The LX3 is a fine camera. I'd say that since I got it (around the first of March) that about 80% of the pictures on my blog were taken with the LX3. All the NYC pictures were with it.

It beats lugging all my dslr gear around and is way more advanced than my other point & shoot.