Friday, July 9, 2010

New River

Yesterday we took a little road trip to explore some various parts of the New River.  First off, we stopped at Burger Carte to get something to eat.

Our next stop was at the foot of Gauley Mountain so we could walk across the train bridge and explore a really cool rocky area on the other side of the river.  We also waded and swam a little bit there.

After we left there we stopped at The Mystery Hole.  We've been there a bunch but my wife's cousin and her daughter had never seen it.  If you've never done it you should check it out.

We stopped at the Dairy King in Ansted after the MH and loaded up on ice cream.  After DK we went to Edmond and the Beauty Mountain area of the New River Gorge.  Kim and I have been going there since we were kids and we thought Bonnie and Allie would like it.  We could look down and see part of the river that we rafted last summer.

Our last stop was at Cotton Hill to go swimming.  The water was awesome.  We stayed there for a few hours and swam and floated and messed around on the rocks in the river.  We also got a rare treat when we first got in the river. We saw a bald eagle flying overhead and it landed on some rocks in the middle of the river.  It was awesome to see.  This is my third time seeing an eagle in the wild.  I think it was Kim's, Bonnie's and Allie's first time.  Kim and I saw it again later but nobody else did.

We had a great day. 

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